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I have worked in the Space & Defense Intelligence industry for >9 years and have been actively engaged in biopharmaceutical investing since 2015. I am not a certified financial analyst or biotech analyst. My views are my own and should be viewed with speculation or as entertainment and not investment advice.

Some of my professional accolades:

  1. Head analyst combatting satellite communication (SATCOM) jamming actors in the Middle East (2020) - provided all non-kinetic targets for first ever United States Space Force-led combat sortie.

  2. Single handedly devised an intensive weighted risk matrix to assign quantitative risk valuations and intelligence collection priority for every satellite in orbit - currently a multi-national standard used by the U.S., Australian, and British governments.

  3. Co-authored the first coalition aerial ISR mission in support of United States Space Command objectives.

  4. Meticulously mapped daily combat operations in the vicinity of war-torn Mariupol, Ukraine - chronicling untold tragedies and potential war crimes for the highest echelons of U.S. and NATO leadership.

  5. Other accolades are classified.

Who we are

We are long investors of Anavex (AVXL) and have come to be enthusiastic of the wide-sweeping therapeutic effect of the Sigma-1 receptor and precision medicine approach being innovated in the CNS-space. Spirit of the Coast (SOTC) Analytics strives to inform audiences of all levels and interests, utilizing all-source analytic methods.


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